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Aust CH Aberlour Cornish Pixie


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Sire: CH Melloway Totally Wicked
Dam: CH Aberlour Ya Halos Slipd
DOB: 25th August 2007
Bred, Owned & Handled by Lyn Dunne
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of QLD
Championship Show 2008
Judge Mrs M Boyd - NZ
MULTIPLE Class In-Group Winner

Curly Coat/Dry Eye - Carrier - AHT, England - December 2014
Episodic Falling - CLEAR - AHT, England - December 2014


Sire : CH Melloway Totally Wicked (Tri) S: Grand CH Lymrey High Treason - imp UK (Blen) S: Eng CH Lymrey Roger (UK)

D: Lymrey Josephine (UK)


D: Grand CH Melloway Voodoo Doll (Tri) S: CH Melloway Irish Fanfair

D: CH Homerbrent Juniper - imp UK


Dam : CH Aberlour Ya Halos Slipd (Blen) S: CH Melloway Highlander (Blen) S: Aust & NZ CH Homerbrent Cartoon - imp UK (Blen)

D: Bosworth Kiss the Sky - imp NZ (Blen)


D: Westbury Royal Harmony (Blen) S: Sunchant Royal Busker (Blen)
D: Sunchant Royal Show Girl (Blen)